My New Shoe Review🗣 This...

My New Shoe Review🗣 This is not an ad. NEW BALANCENUMERIC 379 MID SKATE SHOES (SOUR SOULUTION) First impressions: Stoked. I skated in them after only a couple of days walking around. Something I never do. But I could tell the board feel was there for me. I usually wear cup soles and I was nervous about going back to vulcanized ones thinking there wouldn't be enough protection for me. But, magically all was good. Probably has to do with the cushy insoles and scientific polymers or something. The uppers were a little stiff but they'll break in. And my feet appreciated the support my old shoes lost. They fit my wacky feet with super high insteps and a EEEE width. They're mid tops and feel pretty secure. I don't like loose shoes or burning my ankles on knee slides. I hope they last. Overall I'm a happy dude. Board Feel: Rode them pretty much out of the box. So yeah, good. Fit: Awesome for me. (I've got wide feet) Wear: Not sure how they'll do yet 'cuz they're my "new" shoes. If you knee slide I totally recommend replacing the laces with some Old Kook's or Immortal Laces (look 'em up). Otherwise you'll be tying little knots after a couple of sessions. Steez: They look pretty cool to me, But that's subjective. So you do you. Price: About $85. They're new. Don't know if you'll find a bargain. Got mine at Zappos for free, fast shipping. And like I said at the top of the post this isn't an ad for New Balance. I just decided to write reviews of things I care about because I'm always thinking about skateboarding. If you want to see more go to (Link in Bio) and subscribe at the bottom of the page. I'm working on reviews of my favorite Instagram feeds to follow. Thanks for your support! Bernie @nbnumeric @sk8boardingsaves #skateshoes #skateboardshoes #sneakerhead

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